Why did I get referred to a different artist than I asked for?


Why did I get referred to a different artist than I asked for?

First off, thank you for your interest in our artists! We are so thankful for all of our clients, and for all of the inquiries that we get on a daily basis. Unfortunately, sometimes we do have to turn away a tattoo, but fear not—this is not because we do not want to work with you! Our main goal is to match you up with the absolute best tattoo artist for your dream tattoo. Not only do we take into account the style that you would like your tattoo to be in, but we also consider time frame, availability, and communication.

So, why do all of these things factor into our artist recommendation for you?

Let me explain!


Not all tattoos are the same, and that’s why we love them! Whether you’re looking for something traditional, watercolor, photo-realistic, black and grey, or anything in-between, there is an artist for you! That being said, not all artists are the same, either (again, that’s why we love them!). Each of our artists has a different style, whether it is what they currently prefer, or what they are most experienced with. Our main goal is to match you with the best artist for your piece. We wouldn’t want to pair you with an artist whose specialty is in watercolor if you are looking to get a photo-realistic tattoo. There is also a possibility that an artist is currently only taking on one or two styles of tattoos to help build their portfolio and to build their experience as a tattoo artist.

Time Frame & Availability:

We LOVE when travelers want to get tattooed!! Unfortunately, we often do not have any walk-in or last-minute appointment time, unless there have been cancellations that week—but please always check with us to see if we have any time available! If you are coming in from out of town during specific dates that an artist is already booked up, we happily refer you to another artist. That being said, another one of our main goals is always to schedule your tattoo appointment as soon as possible! We all have tattoos, too, and we know how exciting it is to get a new tattoo ASAP. Sometimes, we refer our clients to another artist because we know that that artist not only matches the style you would like your tattoo to be but also has availability during the time you want. 


Due to the high volume of clients that each of our artists work with on a daily basis, sometimes they are not able to immediately get back to every tattoo inquiry that they receive. We understand the need for communication during this process, and we want you to feel comfortable while communicating with your artist. We may recommend another artist who has more time to give the attention necessary for your tattoo.

All that being said, we wish that we could tattoo each and every one of you; fortunately, we are lucky enough to have many artists to choose from since merging with our sister studio, Laughing Buddha. We sincerely hope that you will keep working with the artists who used to work at Damask Tattoo and are now at Laughing Buddha and check out the other artists there as well.

If you have any questions regarding this blog post or any others, please always feel free to email me or our wonderful Body Art Consultants seattle@laughingbuddhatattoo.com