Want a tattoo? How to start the process.

It’s hard to know where to start when you want a tattoo.  Especially if you’ve never had one before.  Here are some tips.


Custom drawing was done by Laura Exley here at Damask Tattoo

  • Decide what you want to get!  There are infinite choices.  It could be something that means the world to you or just something that looks great.  It’s your tattoo so don’t limit yourself.  A picture says a thousand words and if you can’t find the exact image you want then just find some examples of stuff that’s similar in imagery or style to what you want.  If you need it custom-drawn then you can find a custom artist and they will draw it up for you.  I always suggest that you look for the actual image and not tattoos of the image.  If you want a cat tattoo, for example, look for photographs of cats or cartoons of cats.  Then the artist can draw your tattoo based on those images.  We don’t want to just copy another person’s tattoo, we want to create a tattoo that’s entirely yours! 
  • cat-laptop Research:  Search the internet for tattoo studios in your area and don’t forget to read reviews if you can find them.  It’s worth traveling if you want to get really great work and you find the perfect artist.  This tattoo will be on you forever so put at least as much effort into research as you would if you were going to buy a new car or get plastic surgery.  After you search through a few websites you should be able to set some basic standards.  Let’s say you are willing to travel but not more than 50 miles or you want to be sure that they have private rooms because you may be in a state of undress that you’d rather not have on parade.  You may want someone who is really great at realism or cartoons.  You may want a woman to tattoo you because you feel more comfortable around women.  (Ok, that may be a bit bias as I’m a  woman tattoo artist but I hear it from clients all the time.)  Make your list and stick to it.  There’s no reason you should have to settle for a studio that makes you feel uncomfortable or an artist who isn’t friendly.  
  • Contact:  Once you decide on the studio or the artist give them a call or email them.  If you know the studio but aren’t sure about who would be the best artist for you then just ask.  They should be able to connect you with the best choice based on your ideas. Damask Tattoo merged with our sister studio, Laughing Buddha in April of 2020 so please check out the website there and you can request a particular artist by scheduling a consultation. If you would like help in determining who would be the best choice or just ask questions, you can email us at seattle@laughingbuddhatattoo.com.  Consultations with specific artists can be set up on their artist pages for most artists. 
  • It’s worth waiting for the right artist.  We all want it all right now but if you fall in love with an artist’s portfolio then countdownit’s worth waiting a few weeks or a few months to get your tattoo done by them.  The tattoo will be there forever, waiting a few weeks won’t be as bad as it seems right now.  
  • Take the artist’s advice; We do this almost every day.  Some of us spend our days off drawing tattoos for clients.  This is our life and we really do want you to get the best tattoo possible.  Sometimes things just can’t be done how they are shown on Pinterest or they can but will look horrible in a year or ten.  Tattoos age and they change as they age.  We understand the way they change and we want you to be happy with your tattoo for the rest of your life…not just this month.  There is also a possibility that the artist you liked the most isn’t the best choice for the style of tattoo that you want.  This is another way that we ensure that you get the best tattoo possible.  If we don’t think we’re the right choice we will be honest with you and then try to match you up with a great choice.  We’d rather you get an awesome tattoo than to just do it knowing that someone else would have done it better.  

We also have a handy frequently asked questions page or FAQ page with things like prices and info on what we do to take care of our tattoos:  FAQ’s

Let us know if you have questions or want to be connected to an artist!  seattle@laughingbuddhatattoo.com