Our Vegan friendly tattoo process

More and more people are making the choice to be vegan every day and this choice extends beyond just what they eat.  Everything that is introduced into their lives is included in the decision.  That’s why we have offered vegan options from the very start of Damask in 2009.  We are proud to have put in research and time to ensure to the best of our ability that we have products that are vegan friendly.  
Our vegan tattoo process is by request as some of our regularly used products have lanolin or beeswax in them.  When requested we use the following products to make our tattoo process vegan friendly. EDIT: We are proud to offer this option at Laughing Buddha as well. We have merged with Laughing Buddha due to the COVID-19 pandemic and all our artists from Damask are now working there.  

  • Aftercare Lotion: Bright Tattoo Aftercare was developed by our owner when she couldn’t find an aftercare product that checked off everything on her list. We have very high standards and wanted to offer the very best so we developed it ourselves. 
  • Stencils: We use Spirit Vegan Thermal stencils when the vegan process is requested.  The typical tattoo stencils have lanolin in the ingredients so we will use the vegan version on request. Stencils are used to transfer the outline of the tattoo onto the skin before it is tattooed.  This helps us make tattoos as accurate as possible.   
  • Pigments:  Every artist uses a different brand of pigments (ink) so please check with them for details about their brand.  

 veganthermalThe carriers and ingredients can be found in the MSDS sheets for any brand of tattoo pigment.  Most tattoo pigments use vegetable glycerin as the carrier and it’s the least expensive so many brands of tattoo pigment are vegan.  There is no regulation on tattoo pigment in the US so we are only able to go off of what their websites say.  

We do our best to offer a vegan option for every step of the tattoo process.  There are always times where the ingredients can not be found or are trade secrets.  There are also things we may not have thought of or the artist isn’t aware of but I’m excited that what we can offer is backed up by the makers of the products on their websites.  
If you have any questions about our process you can email us at seattle@laughingbuddhatattoo.com