Sunscreen for tattoos

Now that spring is here we’ll all be wearing less and less as it warms up.  But the sun will fade tattoos so don’t forget the sunscreen!

The sun will always fade tattoos even if they are healed or have been healed for years.  If you think of the ink as a layer of grapes laying under a layer of saran wrap then it’s easier to imagine.  They are all full of pretty colors like party balloons when they are first put in and they are dense so they look like a solid color.  Then we finally get a sun-break and want to soak up just a little bit of it.  The sun hits the grapes and they shrivel up just a tiny bit making small spaces in between them.  This is not too noticeable at first but over time they shrivel up just a tiny bit and then a tiny bit more and they become raisins with lots of space in between them.  This makes the color look very faded and much less vibrant.  Or this can happen with one really good burn or tan.