Please don’t get tattooed when you’re sick.

I know you’ve had your appointment for months and you feel better today but there are many reasons to not get tattooed when you’re sick. 

Let’s talk about you first because that’s what matters most right?  When you’re sick your body is trying to fight a virus and needs all hands on deck to attend to that.  Remember, people used to die from the common cold.  You need your body at it’s best to fight this off.  If it’s trying to heal a wound (your tattoo) at the same time then it’s going to take forever for you to heal your tattoo and to get better from your cold.  Your pain tolerance will also be shot as  your body is distracted by the cold or flu and already working to try to help you feel better so that great endorphin rush that we all wait for to bail us out of the tattoo pain has already been running for however long you’ve been sick, therefore it’s not going to kick in as usual.  Not to mention why would you want to do this to yourself?  Stay home, watch movies and nap.  That’s what we should all do when we’re sick.