Why I opened Damask Tattoo by Christy Lillian Opal


 I had been planning to open my own tattoo studio for years.  I had started outlining a business plan five years before I opened.  I would make notes in my business plan journal whenever something would occur to me.  Sometimes it was from talking with a client or watching a client talk to another artist at one of the street shops I was working at.  Sometimes it was from helping out with a small bit of admin work at a studio.  I started to formulate a plan for a tattoo studio where I would want to get tattooed.  A place where people were treated with respect and could feel comfortable.  Where they wouldn’t have to wait for an hour or more for their appointment to start or for their artist to even show up to work.  A place that provided things that seemed basic to me.  I wanted to create a clean and welcoming atmosphere that wasn’t intimidating, friendly people to welcome them and a pleasant experience receiving their tattoo.