A short list to prepare for the day of your tattoo.

We have a whole blog post on Total Tattoo Preparation but I wanted to add this short list that goes over some things that are covered and some that are not covered in that post.  The first post was from my perspective and covers things to do at home and at the.  I highly recommend reading the long post too as it goes into a lot more detail on some of these points.  

We want the tattoo experience to be as pleasant as possible for everyone involved. Please read over the following information in preparation for your appointment.

  • Please eat a meal within two hours of your appointment

We want you to feel good and energized while you are getting tattooed. Being hungry or having low blood sugar can cause lightheadedness or fainting.

  • Do not drink alcohol or use drugs on the same day as your appointment

We cannot tattoo anyone who is under the influence.

  • If you are planning on bringing a friend please limit it to one, supportive, positive person.

Having a friend with you is very comforting. Bring someone who can offer to get you water or snacks and bring positive, uplifting energy to the environment. Negative people or people who often dominate situations will not be helpful and may be asked to leave. We want this to be a great memory so the support person should contribute to that.

  • Be clean and scent-free

Cleanliness is important since we will be opening up the skin and we want to prevent infections. It’s also important for everyone’s comfort. Please be freshly showered, wear clean clothes, deodorant, and refrain from scents like perfume. (Some of our artists are chemical sensitive so perfume can cause headaches.)

  • Don’t forget your ID!

We need legal, state, federal, or military issued identification to do your tattoo no matter what age you look. It’s state law. 

  • Touching and clothing

Your artist will be touching the area that is being tattooed and the surrounding area. Please wear clothing that is easy to remove in that area. Tattoo pigment can get on clothing so please wear something that is dark or that you don’t mind potentially getting stained. We ask that any private areas remain covered unless that is the direct area being tattooed.

It is very important that you do not touch your tattoo artist at any time unless it is directly consented to by the artist.

  • Professionalism

We don’t have outside relationships with clients and ask that clients remain respectful of that. It is greatly appreciated.

  • Emotions

Sometimes tattoos can bring up very unexpected emotions. Think about what your plan will be if you start to feel sad, angry, or other feelings. Please feel free to ask us if you need something like a tissue, some water, or if you need distracting conversation or to stop talking altogether. Everyone handles emotions differently so making a plan is a great way to avoid being surprised by them.

We look forward to making your tattoo experience enjoyable and comfortable. Please contact your tattoo artist via email if you have any other questions.