Rae “Hobo” Kelly

Tattoo Artist, Damask Tattoo

Rae “Hobo” Kelly has always been into art of all kinds, and became especially fascinated with tattoos at a young age. Through her travels to various regions and counties, she dived into the art of tattooing, which has been her drive and passion ever since. As she has gone further in her career, she has continued to study the many aspects and expressions of it, in order to create work that her clients can always be proud of.

Rae has had a lifelong affinity for geometric, dotwork, and ornamental tattoos, as well as a developed interest in color theory and design.  These ingredients constitute the backbone and framework of her style, which she merges together to create a form that feels organic, decorative and flattering to the anatomy and contour of the client’s outer body while reflecting their inner spirit and character as accurately as possible.

In order to ensure lifelong satisfaction with her work, Rae approaches tattoo art as a collaborative effort with her client. This demonstration of care and presence is just some of what typifies the skill and expertise she continually tries to achieve.

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