No longer offering Permanent Cosmetics


Damask Tattoo will no longer be offering permanent cosmetics at this time.  Those of you who have already been in contact with me will still maintain your appointments as scheduled but we will be phasing out of offering the procedures. 

This was a very difficult decision and it took a long time to make up my mind.  It comes down to the business side of things.  It’s better for the business for me to only offer portrait tattoos and not take up anymore appointment openings with cosmetic procedures.    I simply decided I had to do what is best for the business.  

I will still be offering touch ups on permanent cosmetics that where done originally by me until the end of 2013.  But starting in 2014 I will no longer offer the procedures because I will not be renewing my license for permanent cosmetics with the state. 

So at this time I am no longer accepting new clients for permanent cosmetics.  I will be sure to make announcements if we find a suitable professional to offer them here and look forward to that day. 

In the meantime we highly recommend the following permanent cosmetics professionals in no particular order. 


Penny Rudy

Helen Piatt



If you have any further questions please email the studio at

Thank you everyone!

-Christy Brooker