Lisa Wagner

Tattoo Artist, Damask Tattoo

Lisa grew up in the Seattle area and graduated from University of Washington with a bachelor’s in Industrial Design. She began in the tattoo industry in 2014, shortly after graduating, and has been tattooing at Damask since April of 2018. She has always loved nature and as a child thought she would work in conservation or with animals.

In her personal work, Lisa draws artistic inspiration from animals and anatomy, mythical and folklore themes, art nouveau motifs, and classic sculpture and statuary. 

Within tattooing, she enjoys and is currently focusing on soft black and grey realism. She also enjoys subjects relevant to her artistic interests with an etching/engraving aesthetic. However, she is still open to the occasional color piece!

Lisa also loves riding horses, tea, and historical and geographical trivia. At the moment she is especially passionate about discussing conservation and reducing her carbon footprint. Bring your fun facts to your next appointment!

Lisa’s Tattoo Portfolio

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Wait time for Consultation:  2 to 5 weeks. 

Wait time for Tattoo appointments: 3 weeks to 2 months.

Lisa has an $170 minimum and is $200 an hour. You will get a FREE 1 oz. Bright Tattoo Aftercare Lotion when you pay for your tattoo with cash!!!  (Cash amount must be more than the price of the balm.)   


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