JillJillian Karosa

Tattoo Artist, Damask Tattoo

Jillian is back as of April 2017!

Jillian hails from the east & moved to the great Pacific Northwest in the fall of 2012 to live amidst the glorious Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges.  Lover of nature, science, and the occult, Jillian enjoys designing tattoos incorporating visual elements from any (or all!) of those themes.  She is especially fond of working with botanical, animal, geological, and geometric imagery, as well as old-world religious/spiritual iconography.

Jillian‘s style is a bit more on the dark side – rooted in American traditional, she incorporates a lot of heavy black lines and textured shading into her designs. Flat, bold and graphic, she has a very 2-D approach with drawing & strives for dynamic placement on the clients’ body in order to achieve that “flow” that is necessary to making a tattoo look like a part of you and move with your body, rather than being a sticker.

Apart from tattooing, Jillian enjoys hiking, camping, making fire, and being outside in general. She also loves watching movies and shows, collecting and reading books, and playing Nintendo with her husband, David.

She is proud and grateful to be at Damask and views it as a rare opportunity to work with and learn from such talented ladies.

Jillian’s Tattoo Portfolio

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Jillian Karosa has a $170 minimum, is $200 an hour and has an $80 drawing fee.

Email: jillian@damasktattoo.com  Please allow 2-4 days for a response due to high demand.  Thank you for your patience.  


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