Jenny Vidovic

Tattoo Artist, Damask Tattoo

Jenny has been immersed in the art of tattooing since a young age. Her grandpa had a seahorse tattooed on his arm from his days in the navy. She became obsessed with the idea of tattoos once her grandfather explained that it wasn’t a birthmark, explaining the process of tattooing to her. She decided, at that very moment, tattoos would be a large part of her life. Born and raised in Washington, She pursued a bachelors degree in fine arts, as well as a bachelors degree in graphic design from the previously titled Northwest College of Art. Her inspiration is taken from many facets of her life. She loves to spends time traveling around the city and country.   She started her tattoo apprenticeship with an open mind, open heart and eagerness to learn. Always striving to do the best tattoo she can while having a good time with her clients and friends. She loves to joke around and keep things from being too serious. You will seldom see her without a smile on her face.   Favorite styles:

  • Neo traditional
  • Traditional
  • Fine line
  • Color bomb
  • Illustrative 

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Wait time for Consultation:  2 days to 3 weeks  Wait time for Tattoo appointments: 2 days to 3 weeks Jenny has an $170 minimum and is $200 an hour You will get a FREE 1 oz Bright Tattoo Aftercare Lotion when you pay for your tattoo with cash!!!  (Cash amount must be more than the price of the balm.)   

If you would like to book a consultation with Jenny you may schedule one yourself using the calendar below.

note: Online scheduling does require a $20 deposit which will be applied to the cost of your tattoo if you decide to get one.

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