Being involved in the community is important to Damask Tattoo

We have sponsored a woman’s softball team here in Seattle through the Emerald City Softball Association or ESCA  We’ve been their sponsor since 2010 and they have won two second place trophies and a first place! 

And we work with Youthcare.  We’ve collected donations for their warm clothes drive that helps homeless kids stay warm through the winter, spoke with a YouthCare group about tattoo safety and volunteered at a career day for them!  We also attended the YouthCare Luncheon as a Table Captain to help raise donations for them.

We donate gift certificates to select organizations for benefit auctions.   Organizations that we have donated to are listed below. 

Damask Tattoo’s owner, Christy Brooker offers talks on tattoo safety for any group that would benefit from it.  If you’re interested in her speaking contact her through email.