Christy is no longer tattooing

Thanks for your interest in getting tattooed by me!  

I’m not taking any new clients or new tattoos on because I have such an amazing studio that deserves my full attention.  I want to make Damask even better, to create a space that is a pleasure to get tattooed in and that will stand the tests of time for a small, independently-owned business in Seattle. 

  I am so incredibly blessed to have amazing artists working with me here at Damask and I love to dedicate my time to making this the best studio at which to work in the area.  Happy artists make great tattoos!  The best part is that we have someone here for almost any style of tattoo.  If we don’t have someone here who will do an amazing job on your tattoo, we will recommend someone in the area who will.   

Our number one goal here at Damask is for you to get the best tattoo possible and have a great experience during the process.  To make that possible our artists and the studio needs my focus and attention.   

I’m still tattooing current pieces and finishing up projects.  I won’t be adding on to anything but I’d love to finish up things that I started and are not finished. 

I am not making a waiting list because I don’t plan, at this time, to take new clients or tattoos again.   

Thank you so much for all of your support and I’m so honored, humbled and blessed to have tattooed so many amazing, incredible and inspiring people.  

 If you’re not sure who would be the best choice for you at Damask, please feel free to email us your ideas and we’ll take a look and make suggestions for you.   

Thank you! 

-Christy Lillian Opal