Christy Brooker

Owner, Damask Tattoo

Christy retired from tattooing to focus on running her two, Seattle studios.   Click here to read a blog post from Christy about why she retired from tattooing. I own and operate Damask Tattoo, a Queen Anne Tattoo Shop with a spa-style look and feel. I’ve worked to create a comfortable and discreet environment to give high-quality tattoos. My goal for our clients is that they love their tattoos and cherish the experience that they had receiving them. I purchased Laughing Buddha Tattoo and Piercing up on Capitol Hill in September of 2015.  I’m so excited to offer two different tattoo experiences for you and to now offer body piercings and jewelry at that location!     I started tattooing in 1999 and have won fourteen awards for my work over the years.  I’m no longer doing tattoos but I love that between the two studios we can accommodate almost any style you may be looking for.   I believe that people should be able to go to a tattoo studio and not be intimidated. It should be comfortable, inviting, relaxing and friendly. They should feel like they just walked into a friend’s house. I created Damask Tattoo to be that place. My vision was a tattoo studio that felt like a spa. I created my studio to be the place that I would want to go to get tattooed. With soft, light colors, antique furniture, and private rooms the space itself is cozy and relaxing. You may hear Billy Holiday or Etta James when you walk in or we have the occasional 80’s music day if it’s bright and sunny outside. I know that the reason I’m able to have such a lovely studio is because of my clients and friends so I welcome everyone into it with open arms. We believe that you have a vision for your tattoo and it’s our priority for you to be thrilled every time you see it. It’s a long and important process to choose a tattoo design and your artist. It’s worth it to us to spend the time that we need to make it exactly what you dreamed of or better. We also know that getting a tattoo is uncomfortable and you may be nervous about it before hand. We do everything we can to make it as easy as possible for you. Breathing breaks, some tea or water, relaxing music and conversation usually smooth out the process and make it a pleasant one. Your tattoo will hold the memory of the experience that you had when you received it. We want your great tattoo to hold a great memory.  

Christy’s Tattoo Portfolio

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Christy has retired from tattooing.

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