Bright Aftercare Lotion for Tattoos!

We have a very exciting announcement! We are now carrying an all-natural, vegan aftercare lotion called Bright! It was developed by our very own studio owner, Christy Lillian Opal. 

Keep your tattoo looking as gorgeous as the day you got it. Help speed up healing, reduce irritation, and make colors look brighter with Bright Tattoo. Our tattoo lotion’s all-natural ingredients are carefully selected to provide a clean, healthy healing experience, and may help to cut back on healing time. Faster, cleaner healing means fewer chances of seepage, ruining clothes, and sheets. Continuing to use our lotion after your tattoo has healed makes colors look bright through eliminating cloudiness caused by dry skin. Using sunblock post-healing will also extend the life of your tattoo and increase the time between touch-ups.

The Benefits:

  • Reduce itching in your new tattoo and extend the life of color. Bright Tattoo Tattoo Lotion soothes inflamed skin, reduces itchiness, and may even help your new tattoo heal quickly and evenly.
  • Continuing to use after healing will keep your skin moisturized and may increase the length of time between touch-ups. Tattoo color and line sharpness will fade, but dullness and cloudiness often is a side effect caused by dry skin.
  • We’ve chosen an airless bottle for our lotion to prevent air from being sucked back into the bottle, keeping out mold spores, bacteria, and viruses.
  • Our lotion is proudly made in the USA, and is Fair Trade, nature-friendly, cruelty-free, and Vegan approved. All-natural ingredients are good for your skin and include no parabens. Not tested on animals, and no insect by-products (beeswax).
  • For best results, clean your tattoo with a mild soap and air dry. Gently massage a small amount of Bright Tattoo lotion into the skin, allowing to absorb completely. Post-healing, finish with sunscreen to increase the life of your tattoo.

We’ve chosen an airless bottle to package our lotion in. Airless bottles are cleaner and safer for products that touch open wounds. They are designed specifically to prevent infectious microbes like bacteria and mold spores from getting into the bottle and contaminating our lotion. Other products use containers that suck up air, which includes these infectious microbes.

Gently apply Bright Tattoo Lotion and allow it to absorb completely before covering with fabric. Post-healing, apply sunscreen when your tattoo is exposed to sunlight for any prolonged time.

We’ve made our lotion Vegan-Friendly by including no animal products or animal by-products and making sure all ingredients have cruelty-free sourcing. There are no parabens or petroleum, which means your skin will be able to breathe and heal naturally. VF, GF, Not tested on animals. BPA free and phthalate-free. Made in the USA.

You can get Bright Tattoo Aftercare in our store, Laughing Buddha Seattle. You can also order it right through the Bright website below or follow the link below that to Amazon for free and fast shipping with your Prime account. 

Bright Aftercare All Natural Tattoo Lotion and Moisturizer, Water Based for Aftercare, Vegan-Friendly and Cruelty-Free, 3.38oz (100mL)

Or from Amazon if you’re looking for faster shipping and free shipping with a Prime account!

Tattoo Aftercare Tips

Aftercare for tattoos can be confusing and tricky.  Every tattooer seems to have different instructions and everyone who’s ever been tattooed will instruct as if they are an expert.  In this post, I will go over what my experience is after working in the tattoo industry since 1998, what I’ve learned and what works best for me.  This does not mean that I can anticipate what your experience will be or what will work for you.   The first place to go if you think you have any infection is the doctor.  The first place to go when you’re just not sure if your tattoo is healing normally is the person who did your tattoo (unless they were not a professional).  We also have a blog post that covers how to prepare before you get your tattoo here.  


Sunscreen for tattoos

Now that spring is here we’ll all be wearing less and less as it warms up.  But the sun will fade tattoos so don’t forget the sunscreen!

The sun will always fade tattoos even if they are healed or have been healed for years.  If you think of the ink as a layer of grapes laying under a layer of saran wrap then it’s easier to imagine.  They are all full of pretty colors like party balloons when they are first put in and they are dense so they look like a solid color.  Then we finally get a sun-break and want to soak up just a little bit of it.  The sun hits the grapes and they shrivel up just a tiny bit making small spaces in between them.  This is not too noticeable at first but over time they shrivel up just a tiny bit and then a tiny bit more and they become raisins with lots of space in between them.  This makes the color look very faded and much less vibrant.  Or this can happen with one really good burn or tan.