Keep it clean!



I thought it would be a good idea to go over what we do to make sure your tattoo  process is clean and safe.  It is vitally important for us to be sure our tattoo areas are clean, that we set up properly and that we follow proper procedures when we do your tattoo.  We do this by following simple, tied and true methods.  

  • All artists take an industry specific Blood Borne Pathogens class every year.  

  It’s the law that everyone who may be exposed to blood in the workplace do this every year. 

“Employers must offer this training on initial assignment, at least annually thereafter, and when new or modified tasks or procedures affect a worker’s occupational exposure.”

  • We use disposable needles and tubes.

All needles are single use and disposed of in a medical sharps container immediately after they are used.  The tube is the tool that we hold in our hand that is clamped into the tattoo machine and holds the needle steady.  This tube is sometimes made of metal and autoclaved (sterilized) between uses.  We don’t use metal tubes.  We use disposable, single use tubes so that we don’t have to worry about and further exposure after the tattoo is done.  This is safer for us by minimizing the time we are exposed to contaminated tools and for you by eliminating the chance for human error in sterilizing tools.  

  • We never reuse pigments.

Our pigments are poured into tiny cups that we use just for you and just for that session.  They are disposed of after the tattoo with all left over pigment in them.  It is never poured back into the bottles.  

  • We cover and barrier any surface that may be exposed to any contaminate (something that may have blood on it or in it).  

Before the tattoo we cover everything that could be exposed to contaminates in plastic or medical barriers to protect the surfaces.  After the tattoo we dispose of these barriers and spray down the area with a product that is a bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal and tuberculocidal just to be sure that everything is clean.

  • We wear gloves, change them often and wash our hands.  

We change our gloves often and pay attention to what we are touching with and without gloves.  Cross contamination is constantly being avoided by doing this simple task.   Washing hands is the single most important step in disease prevention.  

  • We clean the studio daily.

We pride ourselves on having a very nice studio and keeping it clean is vital to that.  We pay attention to details in your tattoo and in our workplace.     

  • We are all licensed and inspected by the State of Washington

Every artist at Damask Tattoo is fully licensed and is inspected by the Washington State Department of Licensing.  You can look up any license status on the DOL website.  

These simple steps help us create a safe environment for you to get a tattoo and for us to work in.  It’s not easy, but nothing that’s really worthwhile is.