We have added a second studio to the Damask Tattoo family!!

As some of you may know I’ve been pairing down my tattooing for several years but substantially since the beginning of 2015. There is a very good reason for the slow tapering off. I am very, very thrilled to announce that after 8 months of negotiations and paperwork that I am the proud new owner of Laughing Buddha Tattoo and Body Piercing! This is a dream come true!  EDIT: This is the studio we have now merged with. I now own two substantial studios in Seattle and I couldn’t possibly be more excited! This is going to be a huge endeavor and I owe so much to everyone who has made it happen thus far and to everyone who will be working with me to make both studios even greater than they already are. I will need every moment that I can get to work on the studios and run them efficiently and that will leave very little time to tattoo. At first, I will still be finishing up tattoos that are already started, and eventually, I will be quitting tattooing completely to run the businesses. I have discovered, since opening Damask, that my true passion is business and management so this is the realization of my dream. I have loved tattooing for 16 years and will still get to love it by creating amazing tattoo studios to get tattooed in and for artists to work in. My plans are big and my ultimate dreams are even bigger so focusing exclusively on those plans and dreams will bring them to life in good time. I am so blessed to have had the amazing, and inspirational clients over the last sixteen years. I am so grateful that you trusted me to mark your skin for life and to have spent time with you. I learned more from my clients then I could have in college for all of those years. You have been my spiritual and financial lifeline. I cannot thank you enough. I can’t wait for this next chapter in our relationship where I can help you find a perfect artist for your tattoos. Now we will have ten to fourteen artists to choose from between the two studios!! We’ll be sure to find someone who can create a beautiful tattoo for you. I’ve been thinking about (and agonizing about) quitting tattooing for about four years now so I really appreciate everyone being respectful of my decision. Adding Laughing Buddha to my studios has provided me with a clear path to finalize the decision. I’m ready to surround myself with uplifting and supportive friends as we all should and I look forward to keeping you all up to date on the adventures to come!! Thank you, everyone!!

-Christy Lillian Opal

I’d like to invite you to check out the new studio just click on the name below!!