"I believe that people should have the option of a tattoo studio that is not intimidating. It should be comfortable, inviting and friendly. I created Damask Tattoo to be that place." - Christy Brookerthe logo for Damask Tattoo

Why I opened Damask Tattoo by Christy Lillian Opal (formerly Brooker)

 I had been planning to open my own tattoo studio for years.  I had started outlining a business plan five years before I opened.  I would make notes in my business plan journal whenever something would occur to me.  Sometimes it was from talking with a client or watching a client talk to another artist at one of the street shops I was working at.  Sometimes it was from helping out with a small bit of admin work at a studio.  I started to formulate a plan for a tattoo studio where I would want to get tattooed.  A place where people were treated with respect and could feel comfortable.  Where they wouldn’t have to wait for an hour or more for their appointment to start or for their artist to even show up to work.  A place that provided things that seemed basic to me.  I wanted to create a clean and welcoming atmosphere that wasn’t intimidating, friendly people to welcome them and a pleasant experience receiving their tattoo.

I understand that the tattoo isn’t the only part that is permanent.  The memory of getting the tattoo is permanent too.  I want you to feel good every time you see your tattoo, not just because it’s a beautiful piece of artwork because the experience getting it was great.  You deserve a nice artist who actually talks to you and cares what you are looking for in your tattoo and a relaxing environment where you don’t have to feel like you’re competing for their attention, or have to try and block out the noise from the music or the conversations all around you.  You should have confidence that whatever compromising position or state of undress you have to be in to get the tattoo that it is private and that we are doing the best we can to make it pleasant.

Things that seem little can be a big deal and I knew that when I designed my studio.  Here are things that we have that are very intentional and were put in place just for you:

  • Friendly artists

It should go without saying that your artist is going to be friendly but in my experience, at other studios, this is something that definitely needs to be showcased.  We are so happy to have you here and we care about what you want in your tattoo.  We will do what we can to give you a tattoo you love and can be proud of for the rest of your life.  We want everyone to get the best tattoo possible so we will even be totally honest and let you know if we are not the best choice for the style you want.  We know what we’re good at and we know what our limits are.  Our obligation is to you and you getting a tattoo that is just what you wanted or even better than you had imagined.

  • Private rooms

Each tattoo room is private and has a door so if you are not comfortable with the state of dress you will be in we can shut the door.  Sometimes tattoos can be emotional and very personal too.  You can feel good about letting the experience be whatever you need it to be here. The rooms are shared between two tattooers but you are able to request that your tattoo be done on a day that the other artist is not working if privacy is important to you. 

  • Relaxing décor

There’s nothing wrong with the typical red and black walls, neon flames, and checkered floor of many tattoo shops but that’s not what I wanted for you.  I wanted something different.  We have a beautiful, modern space that’s carefully designed with comfort and relaxation in mind.  I wanted our space to feel more like a spa than a tattoo parlor and that’s what we’ve done for you at our new Capitol Hill location.

  • All-natural, vegan, petroleum-free aftercare products

Our aftercare is top of the line and all-natural.  It is extremely important to me that we provide products that are safe and natural.  I researched many products and came to the conclusion that we needed sustainable practices, no petroleum, and as local as we could get.  We’re proud of our aftercare and the products we use during your tattoo process. If you’d like more information about our aftercare lotion, please check out the website here

If this sounds like your kind of place then please take a look at our portfolios and see who you think would best match the style of tattoo you are looking for then go ahead and email us or call.  If you’re not sure who would be the best match for you then feel free to email the studio directly.


-Christy Lillian Opal

Owner of Damask Tattoo and Laughing Buddha Seattle