Angela Grace

Tattoo Artist, Damask Tattoo

I drew all the time as a youngster and my foundation is in portrait-work and realism. I learned to draw by trying to recreate what was around me. I just love art, so I try new things all the time and learn constantly. I love studying my clients ideas and references; they fuel my inspiration and give my art a purpose. Being a tattoo artist is a great opportunity to share my art and use it in a productive way: like helping my clients speak through avenues they struggle to articulate on their own. Most of my clients present me with general ideas and elements that they envision together but can’t quite harmonize; I hope to be that missing tool to create a piece that flows and is uniquely YOU. I feel that I accomplish this best when I can custom draw the design. 

I love to hear from you! Please don’t hesitate to email with any questions: communication is the beginning for making your tattoo dreams possible!

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Book an Appointment With Angela Grace

Wait time for Consultation: Angela closes her book occasionally to cut down on wait times. This means that there are times of the year that she does not take any appointments at all. You can get on her wait list by emailing her and following the directions in the auto-reply.  

Wait time for Tattoo appointments: 3-6 months (weekends fill the fastest)

Angela Grace has a two hour minimum and is $200 an hour and an $80 drawing fee. 

You will get a FREE .85 oz. Wild Rose Vegan Ink Balm when you pay for your tattoo with cash!!!  (Cash amount must be more than the price of the balm.)   

Here’s a brief list of what to expect in the process 🙂 

IN THE EMAIL – please describe your tattoo idea and provide any images that help with reference and inspiration. IF your idea is something I am suited for, we will schedule a consultation.

AT THE CONSULTATION – we will determine size and placement and discuss the details of your design, including budget. If we’re groovin’ and you would like to proceed, I will accept your deposit payment and we can go over our scheduling options. 

FOR TATTOO APPOINTMENTS – please be prepared to pay for the amount of hours that you intend to sit for THIS session. Also, please read our blog about what to do before your tattoo day! YAY!


To ask questions, set up a consultation or book an appointment with Angela:

Email:    Please allow 4-7 days for a response due to high demand.  Thank you for your patience.